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Marc Bolan TV Show
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Step Back in Time with the Iconic Marc Bolan TV Show

Produced by Muriel Young, directed by Nicolas Ferguson, and shown on Granada Television for ITV.

The year was 1977, and the iconic Marc Bolan was at the peak of his career. Not only was he a successful musician and songwriter, but he also had his own television show, simply called “Marc.”

‘Marc’ was a music show that featured some of the biggest stars of the time, such as The Jam, Radio Stars, Showaddywaddy, Bay City Rollers, Mud, 10cc, Boomtown Rats, Roger Taylor from Queen, Rosetta Stone, Generation X, and many others. With Bolan’s unique style and personality, the show quickly became a hit with audiences.

The last episode of “Marc” was filmed on September 7, 1977, just a few days before Bolan’s untimely death. The episode was not shown until after his funeral that same year. The series had a total of six weekly episodes, which were first broadcast on August 24, 1977, and with the break, ended on September 28, 1977.

In tribute to Bolan, the final episode of “Marc” has been preserved on YouTube for fans to watch. The full episode includes a performance by David Bowie and a short duet of Bolan with Bowie, two legends together on stage.

Marc Bolan is buried in Golders Green Crematorium, Barnet, plot West Statue Rose bed, Section 5, plot E 35979. Memorial ID 1259.

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