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The Kate Bush House called Wuthering Heights

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In January 1978 Kate Bush hit single “Wuthering Heights” was the debut single for the Kick Inside Album, inspired from the last part of the 1967 BBC series Wuthering heights, and the book by Emily Brontë.  It is thought Kate Bush had written this song in the spring of 1977. The Queens Silver Jubilee year.

Around the Mid 1980s, Kate Bush moved into a mansion near Nottingham station on the way to Eltham Palace

Mottingham station also connects back to London Bridge and St Johns. Buses that go down Court road, 161,124,126.

Unusual coincidence, Catherine Bush was Born 30-7-58 in South East London Bexleyheath, sharing the same birthday as the author Emily Brontë, a Leo Fire sign in the Zodiac and the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac.

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