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28th May

1st indoor swimming pool opens in Goodman’s fields London in Lemon-street in 1742. Only Men could pay to use heated and cold pools.

26th April

    1923 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth formerly known as the Duke of York and Elizabeth Bowes-lyon were married Westminster Abbey

25th April

Watson & Crick  University Students in 1953 published  in Nature Magazine Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids.   They are associated with the term “Secret of life”. How

21st April

BOAC British Overseas Airways Corporation, starts in 1952 the first passenger service jet London-Rome   The Taurus Sign of the Zodiac starts today 21st April

3rd April

  Oxford wins 100th Boat Race River Thames 1954  

2nd April

WW1 Battle of the Somme 1916-1918   1982 Argentina Invades the Falklands Islands  

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