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2nd August

1993 Buckingham Palace opened its doors to the public

1958 the Litter Act landed in London

1st Aug

1834 Slavery is abolished  The  1833 Slavery Abolition Act took force on this day in 1834, throughout the British Empire. The 1807 abolition of the Slave

31st July

Black Tot Day 1970. Was the last day Royal Navy Sailors were issued with their daily rum ration which was called the “Daily tot” In

30th July

1966 England win the World Cup in extra time at Wembley Stadium 4 to 2   Michelle Keegan played in a TV drama series where she

29th July

1981 Prince Charles marries Lady Diana at a royal ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral   1955 saw the first Tv broadcast of the hit series

28th July

2005 after around 30  yrs of violence and struggle the IRA formally ordered an end to its armed campaign and persue peaceful means.    

27th July

2012 Queen Elizabeth II Opens the 30th Olympics In London with a short film made about her and 007. 2000 The labour government announced radical