Bolan’s premonitions on death: Fear of Driving

Moving in other mysterious ways

The song Mystic Lady contained the words “Pleasant crescent moon”.  Which pops up later.  The more you get to know about the life and times of Marc Bolan the more interesting the mysteries are around some connections about this life and sadly about his departure.

Bolan never learned to drive and had no licence. He had a fear he would die in a car crash like some of his idols did, James Dean, Eddie Cochran.  Bolan has been associated with having some connections to predicting how he would die in other ways too.  For example, Bolan, another Musician, Andy Ellison,  his manager Simon Napier Bell, were joking about the kind of what-if scenarios for a way for Someone famous to tragically exit.  A what if car crash in a white Rolls Royce was suggested, Bolan seemed to have another eerie premonition because he stated that for him, it would have to be in a Mini.   Author Paul Roland has comprehensively followed this artist over time and written and resourced amazing information about Bolan. Roland, reports of another Chilling coincidence, of a premonition.   Bolan was looking at this painting of a tree at night with a crescent moon superimposed on it, by Rene Magritte, the Belgian surrealist artist in the Louvre Art Gallery. The title of that artwork “Sixteenth of September”!

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