King Henry 1st

King Henry the 1st, Englands Accidental King

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a short story of King Henry 1 (1069 – 1135) the youngest son of William the Conqueror

Henry’s older brother William was King of England, William died in a hunting accident in August 1100. The hunting accident happened in the New Forest. Henry was also there when the accident happened. There is a debate if this was an accident. Was there proof of Henry’s complicit involvement in his brother’s death?  One thing is for sure, Henry at the time refused to sanction Henry’s plans to marry the half Saxon Scottish Princess Edith. It was also noted that upon the accident Henry left at once to seize the treasury at Winchester.

The Crown succession should have gone to Robert, who was Henry’s older brother and one would expect the next in line to the throne. However, Henry took advantage of Robert’s absence on the crusades and moved quickly and had himself crowned King of England at Westminster on the 1st August 1100.

Upon becoming King of England, Henry moved quickly to build support. Henry Conquered Normandy in 1106.

Henry died in Normandy France, on 1st December 1135 at St. Denis le Fermon. Cause of death food poisoning, because of overeating of his favourite dish of lampreys, something his doctors had warned him against

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