Emmeline Pankhurst Statue Victoria Tower Gardens London

14th July 1858 Birth day of Emmeline Pankhurst

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1858 Birth date of Emmeline Pankhurst Suffragette Campaigner

She was born at Sloane St 9 Alpha Terrace, Moss Side Manchester. Pankhurst later moved to 60-62 Nelson St, Manchester, which is now the Pankhurst Centre.

Many suffragettes do not appear on the 1911 census, the idea of boycotting the census data by either hiding or refusing to declare who they were. Slogans protesting comments appeared reiterating how women were not counted as equal.  Wimbledon common was graced with a midnight picnic whilst 1911 enumerators went out collecting data.

Not being counted on the Census

“If Women don’t count neither shall they be counted” Pankhurst’s campaign came from her knowledge as she herself was a Registrar of Births & Deaths. Pankhurst does not seem to appear on the 1911 census, but she does appear on the 1901 Census. Which of course reveals her home in Nelson terrace and her occupation as Registrar even then.

Featured in Who Do You Think You Are

The  TV show “Who do you think you are”, featured an episode with Actress Michelle Keegan, stumbled upon this very revelation. Pankhurst’s signature on certificates had given her the insight into the struggles and inequality women were facing, poverty poor working conditions, children not surviving.

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