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illustration with London skyline showcasing iconic landmarks like the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and the London Eye
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Visiting London

Welcome to a place to inspire and explore London, from its quirky layout, its living history and the remnants of the past, that still influences today

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The Story of the Balham Bombing during the Blitz

During World War II, London witnessed a series of devastating bombings as part of the Blitz, and one of the most tragic incidents occurred in the South London area of Balham on October 14, 1940. That evening, a 1,400kg bomb struck close to United Dairies on Balham High Road, causing immense destruction <Read More>. 

Old London News

They say to be successful on the Internet, you need to find a Niche. We don’t do Niche, we do stuff. If it’s still enough to take a picture, you might just find it here!

A place for like-minded people, collectors, hoarders, and folks who own a shed with stuff in it

London's Green Spaces

wear your face mask on London Transport

Wear your Face Mask! London Transport the new reality

Rush hour sort of worked in London once-upon-a-time, the working foot soldiers of the economy ran the Northern line like Han Solo ran the Kessel run, just not in twelve parsecs, the normal for the average tube runner was skipping 4 trains and jumping and squeezing on the 5th. With