London Undressed

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Taking a dive across the 4 domains of discovering London, History, the Arts, Green Spaces and transport

City of London to Hampstead Heath

London’s Buildings

North London, South London, the East End, or the West End. London has a unique fabrique of living history, that just keeps on evolving

London’s Green Spaces

What is Glam Rock? why was Marc Bolan its Pioneer?

What is Glam Rock? Glam rock is a genre of music that began in the early 1970s in the UK, musicians identified themselves by performing in outrageous costumes, hairstyles, platform shoes, and glitter. Top Glam Rock books, to buy on the Amazon Store Shock and Awe Glam Rock and its

Bolan’s premonitions on death: Fear of Driving

Moving in other mysterious ways The song Mystic Lady contained the words “Pleasant crescent moon”.  Which pops up later.  The more you get to know about the life and times of Marc Bolan the more interesting the mysteries are around some connections about this life and sadly about his departure.

The Marc Bolan Tv Show ‘Marc’

Bolan had his own TV show in 1977, “Marc” Produced by Muriel Young, directed by Nicolas Ferguson and shown on Granada Television for ITV. Marc attracted many of the biggest stars of the times, including; The Jam, Radio Stars, Showaddywaddy, Bay City Rollers, Mud, 10cc, Boomtown Rats, Roger Taylor from

London Transport System Explained

Londons Transport Page

LONDON Transport London Transport the legs of the capital, from the legendar Red bus to London’s Railway London Transport manages a fleet of over 9,300 buses across 675 Bus routes. Over 540 Under Ground trains on the network  London’s Legendary Red Bus The Legend before the Routemaster: AEC Regent III

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London has some of the best Museums