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July 2020
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News Bulletin from History

9th July

  1941 The Enigma Code was Broken   Polish Mathematicisans from the University of Poznan,  Henryk Zygalski, Jerzy Rózycki and Marian Rejewski In 2000 Marian

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The Environment

The Best Parks, Hiden Gardens & Botanical Gardens in London

The ART Canvas of Life

Arts & culture in London

The London Lifestyle Journal of Arts & Culture and London History 7
George Michael's £11.3 million ART Journey
at Christies
UPRITCHARD exhibition London
Francis Upritchard Sculptured Art - Iron Age
Cemetery Wetwang Slack
Top area Barkers Department store next door to 99 Kensington High St
Barkers Department Store Kensington
Delicate intricate vintage Indian manuscripts from all the languages and cultures India has to offer including diverse artworks Inside the Exhibition Queens Gallery
Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace

London History

The London Lifestyle Journal of Arts & Culture and London History 8

Goldsmiths’ Centre

  Since Visiting Osterley House with their Winter Exhibition which contains Silverware from the Goldsmiths collection we thought we would have a look at what


London's Rich Heritage

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Barbican Centre, London’s best known brutalist building