Chihuly Blown Glass artist bringing Art to Veterans

The Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation

The Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation, formed in 2009 provides grants for artists and programs so that the public can access art. It has involved the Artist in projects that deal with veteran soldiers. Hot Shop Heroes was one such an example, set up on the success of instigating free entry for armed forces soldiers to an exhibition of blown glass that leads to positive feedback and interest.

Hot shop for Heroes community Programme

This community project took the idea of using the teamwork needed to blow glass as a therapeutic programme for people who have suffered trauma and injury in their life during Military service.

The programme gives the opportunity for enrolled veterans to take up to a 2 eight week course on the basic skills of glass blowing. The programme hopes the social and emotional benefits of creating art helps participants to cope with anxiety and other challenges. Hot Shot Heroes Program

This resulted in a project that enables armed services personnel who have faced adversity to experience a creative space that utilises team working. Whilst picking up techniques to build something out of glass. Youth projects and programs for communities who have been left out or not catered for have also gained from the Foundation.

Dale and Leslie Chihuly believe that the arts play a critical role in inspiring people from all walks of life to see the world in a new way. As leaders in the arts, they understand that important projects by aspiring artists may never come to fruition without adequate funding. Through their Foundation, the Chihulys have made a commitment to support artists in their practice and to ensure access to quality arts education programs that help to inspire challenging conversations, bridge cultural distances, and build stronger community connections.

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