Ride the Fastest Trains in London with Azuma

The new Azuma train next to the last king of high speed rail InterCity 125

London Mainline
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As you review the page you may be mistaken to play spot the difference, many of the trains are based on the Hitachi A-train design.

Great Western Railway and it's new Hitachi Trains

The Great Western Railway company operates from London, South West and theWest of England and started life through an act of parliament on the 31st August 1835. The first trains ran 3 years in 1838. The company disappeared during the national railway era of British Rail, returning once more since the break up of the national rail operator.

Today’s latest GWR trains are made by Hitachi, British Rail Class 800 with serial number from 800001 – 800036.

Virgin Azuma Trains, the Intercity Express Train (IEP) by Hitachi

The latest streamlined trains starting to appear in London called?  Azuma has arrived

Azuma Trains are due to go into service December 2018. They will go far to places like Scotland and the East Coast. The Class 800 Super Express electro-diesel trains are equipped with some of the most up to date technology that trains have in the UK. The translation of Azuma means  “EAST” since the Bullet trains of the east was the inspiration behind its design.

Azuma, London's newest high speed train made by Hitachi
Azuma, London's newest high speed train made by Hitachi

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