Hercules, Scott and Linton shipbuilding company: Cutty Sark Ship Builder

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They would be paid  £17- £21 a ton to build Cutty Sark’s max weight of 950 Tons. The contract meant it had to be built in 6 months there were fines if this was late £5 per day. The builders would get their money in stages. Captain George Moodie supervised the construction of Willis. He was going to eventually be the Captain of the Cutty Sark on completion. Delays it needed strengthening. Scott and Linton went bankrupt building the ship. Only the finest materials including Teak Deck were being used, but these were not cheap. But they had accomplished the Hull.

Design features construction materials

American Rock Elm, Iron. The Rudder was English Oak. In the 1920s the keep was replaced by pitch pine. Deck was thick teak. Tween deck of yellow pine. Ropes by Gourock Ropeworks. They built a streamlined narrow shaped Hull with a copper lining 60% copper 40 5 Zinc Iron, so that sea barnacles couldn’t stick to it which would drag it down and would slow its speed.

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