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airstream aluminium trailer front indicators
airstream aluminium trailer front indicators

Airstream travel trailer in London

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Coming across an Airstream trailer in London

Travel Trailers (Caravans) built from the the late 1920's in California up to 1979 and still going strong from the factory that relocated to Ohio 1952

airstream a Brief Introduction!

On our usual travels, out and about in London we were on a mission to find some street art and instead of something painted on a wall came across this American aluminium masterpiece.
In the same category as a 1980's Coca Cola can, Harley Davidson or Zip lighter. Airstream, looks like it was built by the same people who put the B17 together, sheets of riveted aluminium in a zeppelin shape that looks right at home in 1930's America.

We have an eye for 'things' and this thing is a sum of more than its parts.

This particular fine example is parked outside West Ham's Olympic stadium and serves the public as the sign reads on the back of it, Hot Food.
Thanks for these guy's sharing a piece of classic Americana in East London.

airstream trailer badge

Airstream Land yacht

For the eagle eyed, or those who just happened to read the model badge in the picture, this model was once the companies flagship models, the Airstream Land Yacht. This model has a feel of the 1970’s to it and if not mistaken looks quite close to the one being renovated on this blog for a late 60’s trailer Airstream renovation project Blog

The Land Yacht model started in the 1960’s and became the symbol of their most luxurious travel trailer for the 50 year run of production. The last model to roll off the production line from 2014 the Land Yacht 28  boasted 3 seperate rooms, the final ones to roll out the factory was in 2016. 


about us

We are always out and about looking for ART in London Town, if its a 'thing' we bring the kit down and take some shots and write a story.

if you have some 'thing' or idea that could feature on the ART pages of the Hangerlondon then please drop us a mail at

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