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1998 brief story of the dance track Outside, George Michael

14 May 1998 George Michael Pleads no contest and brings the world ‘Outside’

In the summer of 1998, in a Beverly Hills California courtroom, George Michael pleaded no contest to the charges put forward to him.  Then the world was given ‘Outside” Out of the smoke of ‘the incident,’ George Michael responded in a way only an artist could and he wrote the dance track “Outside” followed by the release of …

14 May 1998 George Michael Pleads no contest and brings the world ‘Outside’ Read More »

25th April

Watson & Crick  University Students in 1953 published  in Nature Magazine Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids.   They are associated with the term “Secret of life”. How living things reproduce themselves. The Chemical make up of the Double helix structure,  Deoxyribonucleic Acid “DNA”  

21st April

BOAC British Overseas Airways Corporation, starts in 1952 the first passenger service jet London-Rome   The Taurus Sign of the Zodiac starts today 21st April – 21st May  Brightest Star Aldebaran    

1st April 3

1st April

1918 the RAF is founded. 1975 Bay City Rollers ITV show premiered, comedy, songs, live audience. 1961 Beatles Hamburg played 92 straight nights. This visit Astrid Kirchherr cut Stuart Sutcliffe’s hair into a style that the Beatles then adopted themselves later it was known as the Beatle Haircut

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