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On This Day

21 May

1982 Fighting started as the British Landed in the Falkland Islands.   1980 The Film Empire Strikes Back was released part of the Star Wars series.   Zodiac Star Sign Gemini starts today  21st May – 20th June  

19th May

2004 Fathers 4 justice an attack on the Prime Minister lead to improved security at Westminster parliamentary buildings. 2 men threw 2 purple flour filled missiles at the  Prime Minister Tony Blair to demand equal rights for divorced fathers when trying to gain access to their children.   2018 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marry …

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15 May

1954 Royal Family return from a 6-month tour of the Commonwealth London crowds turned out to welcome them home   2001  Courts ruled that in the UK supermarkets could cut the costs of counter medications, prior to this the drug industry’s price-fixing policy had caused high prices.