11th October 1971 London Bridge moves to America

American Oil Tycoon Robert P. McCulloch reopens London Bridge in America

Oil Tycoon Robert P. McCulloch purchases London Bridge and has it shipped brick by brick to Arizona and opened it to the public on 19th October 1971. The story of the purchase goes back to 18th April 1968. The old bridge needed urgent repair and instead of a major repair operation, they made the decision to rebuild the bridge completely. The incredible deal came about to purchase the bridge, have it dismantled brick by brick and shipped to the USA was, as Mr. R .P.McCulloch candidly admitted to the New York Times in October 1971

It sold for $2,460,00 to Mr. R. P McCulloch an American Oil Tycoon

the bridge was brought for one reason – to bring tourists, and their money, to a town that badly needs both.

The bridge new resting place Lake Havasu City, Arizona


This silent film shows the event of London Bridge October 1971

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