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This fan Page is dedicated to:

2018 Strictly Come Dancing Fan Page Research

This is a fan page and is in no way affiliated to the BBC

And the is


>> CLICK on the couple box below to view the full summary so far <<

The final Week Song List Favourites?

The Final Week – what was your top 2 favourites

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Best Couple This Week

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Favourite Dance Style from the 2018 Season

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The RULES: (3 votes per day,)

  1. This is for fun and amusement on this site only, offering a different vote perspective. not linked or associated with show vote!
  2. The Best performance by couple
  3. Your favourite song of the night (irrespective if you are not a favourite of the couple)
  4. Your Favourite Dance style (irrespective if you are not a favourite of the couple who danced it)

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