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1939 Evacuation of children and pregnant women
Blackout Regulations also started on this day

Londons greatest war memorials

St Benet Remembrance Balham Station Livery Company Remembrance St Brides remembrance RAF Church remembrance St Clement Danes

1941 During World War 2 Winston Churchill reinforces  the  V for Victory Campaign. BBC Radio broadcasts used the start of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony which  is

In 1917 the Royal family in the UK were faced with a conflict as the uk were at war with Germany, but the British royal

Battle of Blackheath for cornish independence

Battle of Blackheath was fought over the independence of Cornwall in 1497. 15,000 Cornish men marched 250 miles across southern England to face King Henry VII army

1975 Was the first live broadcast in the The House of Commons Parliament Westminster. This was aired by BBC Radio and other commercial stations. BBC

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