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Site of the first Blitz bombdrop Surrey Docks London 7th Sept 1940

1940 7th September The Blitz started Black Saturday   Towards the end of Summer, The German Luftwaffe was instructed to start focusing on industrial and

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1939 Evacuation of children and pregnant women
Blackout Regulations also started on this day

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1British Troops sent to Korea, 1950 Prior to this British forces were mainly ships, and some air squadrons. This was to back up United nation’s

Bomber Command memorial London

RAF Bomber Command launched its night attack against Berlin in retaliation to raid on London

25th August first bomb drop city of London WW2 1940 memorial stone EC2 at what is now Salters' Company

1940 WW2 The German Luftwaffe
1999 Christina Aguilera

Keith Park statue Defender of London, "Skipper" Air Marshal RAF

1940 The Hardest Day: WW2 Battle of Britain

1931 at 7 pm the Airship Graf Zeppelin LZ127