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14 Sheets Halloween Temporary Scars Tattoos -Waterproof Fake Blood Tattoo Stickers Decoration Make-Up Props,Vampire Teeth,Stitches Scars,Wounds,Skull,Suit for Kid,Adult Party Cosplay(97Pcs)

Product Description

Product description

Why choose us?
1.14 tattoo stickers, each with a different pattern, a total of 97 pieces, can meet all your Halloween makeup needs.
2.Waterproof and sweatproof, it will not fall off for a long time.
3.The wound of the Halloween tattoo sticker looks very realistic, and it can scare your friends a lot on Halloween night.
4.Using safe and environmentally friendly materials, you can rest assured and safe to use. Suitable for adults and children.

How to use?
1.Tear off the protective film of the tattoo sticker.
2.Cover the front of the tattoo sticker on your skin.
3.Wipe the back of the tattoo sticker with water and press.
4.Tear off the tattoo sticker and the pattern is already printed on your skin.

1.Don?t apply to sensitive skin or if allergic to adhesive.
2.Don?t use the tattoo on damaged skin.
3.Don?t touch water within 2 hours after application, and do not wipe repeatedly.


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it is a lot easier to use! its great!

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