The 6 Hidden Secrets of the National Gallery

The National Gallery Trafalgar Square

On 10th May 1824, The National Gallery opened It’s doors to the public, 6 little known secrets from the last 195 years.

“Hide them in caves and cellars but not one picture shall leave this island” Winston Churchill

  1. Before the start of WW2, there was some consideration that the Nation’s Treasures would be at risk. Churchill ordered the treasures be sent to Wales  (Aberystwyth, Bangor, Caernarfon Castle, and Penrhyn Castle).
  2. The National Gallery originally opened at 100 Pall Mall
  3. Rokeby Venus by Diego Valesquez painting was damaged by Suffragette Mary Richardson as part of a protest. Mary smuggled meat cleaver into the gallery. The linked image below of this painting valued at £46,000 in 1906!The 6 Hidden Secrets of the National Gallery 1
  4. Parliament paid £57,000 for a collection of 38 pictures from Banker Julius Angerstein. Art for the Nations enjoyment and education had begun.
  5. Parliament agreed in 1831 to build a new purpose-built gallery, 7 years later the building was finished and opened to the public, and still does today.
  6. No, this is not ULEZ + +  in action, this is how it looked back in the day, Linked ImageThe 6 Hidden Secrets of the National Gallery 2


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