The worlds 1st laser Menorah festival in Islington

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Menorah, is Hebrew for lamp, Usually refers to 7 armed candelabra which would be lit every day in the Tabernacle; also known as the tent of the congregation. The 8 flamed light Is lit on the 8th night of the Jewish Holiday of Chanukah.

To celebrate the first night of the festival of Chanukah, artist Jeremy Keenan Created the world’s first kinetic laser menorah at the light festival in Islington Green. Music Was provided by Ghetto Plotz. Interactive crowd-pleaser story from Vanessa Woolf about Chanukah in space. The amazing event took place in December 2019. 

Menorah lighting Islington Rabbi Mendy
Menorah lighting Islington Rabbi Mendy

Hosted by Chabad Islington, its founders Rabbi Mendy and Hadasa korer a young modern couple with a big vision.

Sponsored by Islington  Council Jeffreys Henry LLP and Martin Hirst Financial Consultancy.

Islington sets the stage for the menorah festival 2019
Islington sets the stage for the menorah festival 2019

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