Gunnersbury park museum, Trust and Ealing Studios

In 1929, the Gunnersbury Park was converted into a museum, presenting local history, history of the house, archaeology, social history, topography, transport and artefact collections. The BBC and Ealing film studios is also documented in the museum.

The Ealing studios production “The Lavender Hill Mob” at Gunnersbury

The Ealing studios production “The Lavender Hill Mob”, 1951 shot scenes on Location around Gunnersbury, the park gates are in the film and the Gillette building on the golden mile. The film plot is of a bank clerk responsible for overseeing the Gold Bullion process, with aspirations to be rich by plotting to rob the bullion and smuggle out of the country in miniature Eiffel towers.

THE LAVENDER HILL MOB, 1951, Ealing Studios

Starring: Alex Guinness, Stanley Holloway, Sydney James, Alfie Bass

The park features in several scenes in the film. At the impressive gates on Pope’s Lane, where Holland and Pendlebury read the sign ‘Metropolitan Police Training School’. The Police at work exhibition was set up in the museum, which is also filmed by the child actor June walk up the flight of stairs, closely followed by the main characters Holland and Pendlebury. The south side of of the park museum and the front of the large house where our main protagonists make off with their stolen bullion in a stolen Wolseley police car.

Part of Ealing connections with film studios in the Museum at Gunnersbury House
Part of Ealing connections with film studios in the Museum at Gunnersbury House

Renovations the untold story of preservation

The council of Ealing and Acton who manage the park welcomed visitors back in the summer of 2018, to Gunnersbury Park Museum. The Heritage Lottery Fund provided a significant amount of cash alongside the Parks for People Fund, also being a major contributor with a working budget of £50 million. More restorations and upgrades are being planned.

The Aims of the Heritage Lottery Fund renovations project

To reconnect the house with the park and make more of it open to the public. To renovate and restore historic rooms of the large mansion house, to house a museum and temp museum that includes history about the area the people and diversity. To open parts of the park estate that were not open before. To conserve wildlife and biodiversity.

A Shop, Staircase, ground floor galleries, Drawing room, Dining room, Long Gallery,  upper floor galleries, Kitchen areas

The Blue Room where King Edward the VII slept.

The Museum is also a learning space for schools, groups, events and activities

Gunnersbury park museum looks at history and culture.
Gunnersbury park museum looks at history and culture.

When the London Boroughs reformed around  1965 it was moved over to the ownership of Ealing and Hounslow Borough councils.1967 They set the Gunnersbury park joint committee up

Where is Gunnersbury Park

Gunnersbury park is located in West London, in the London borough of Hounslow,

The closest Tube Station to Gunnersbury Park (Zone 3)

Acton Town tube station on the Piccadilly and District Lines is the closest tube station to Gunnersbury Park main entrance and museum. The next stop on the line, South Ealing station is also an option when approaching the back of the park, but remember the park is encircled with entrances.

The Closest Overground station to Gunnersbury Park

The closest Overground station is Gunnersbury, closely followed by South Acton station, both in Zone 3. Also options at Kew Bridge on the M4/A4 North Circular

The 10 public entrances into Gunnersbury park

The Main entrance,  North Gateway on Popes Lane, two lantern structures appear on the posts, with its ornate iron gate also Grade II listed.

There is another entrance, also on Popes Lane, not very far from the main entrance is a drive-in entrance to the carpark. It’s closer to the bus stop 65 that came from the direction of Acton Central. Walk back toward the direction you came with on Popes road as the bus will pass the main entrance first. This is more suitable if on foot. The Car park entrance is closer to the playground area.

There is an entrance also further round on Popes Lane B4491 opposite Elderberry Rd

There is an entrance on the corner of the park further down the B4491 where it meets the corner of Lionel Road

There is an entrance/exit in the stone wall onto the North Circular road

There is an entrance on the Lionel Rd N. BY the Bridge Great West Rd M4 / A4 where Lionel Rd S. Meets Lionel Rd N.

Map of Gunnersbury Park Museum

Gunnersbury Park Museum, Pope’s Lane, Acton, London Borough of Ealing, London, Greater London, England, W5 4QP, United Kingdom

Gunnersbury Park Museum, Pope’s Lane, Acton, London Borough of Ealing, London, Greater London, England, W5 4QP, United Kingdom

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