18th November 1916 Haig Halts the Battle of the Somme

General Haig Halts the Battle of the Somme on the 18th November 1916

One of the biggest land battles on the Western Front during World War 1 was the Battle of the Somme. The Battle was fort between British and French armies against Germany. The offensive lasted 141 days and resulted in the Allies gaining just 7 miles. The objective of breaking the German lines was not achieved.

In terms of human cost, the Battle was an astronomical catastrophe. British 420,000 casualties,  French 195,000 casualties, German 650,000 casualties.

3 million men fort in the Battle of the Somme and 1 million where either wounded or killed.

The Somme offensive has remained in the vocabulary of the nation and in modern times it is not hard to find someone who had a relative or had some personal link to this battle.






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