Coal Drop Yard Kings Cross new shopping mall development

Coal Drops Yard Kings Cross

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Another addition to the developments behind Kings Cross. This time a futuristic meets Victorian revolution shopping boutique-style shopping mall. It also features places to eat and drink.

A bit of basic background about Coal Drops Yard.

1800s London was powered by coal, Rail quickened the time that goods could be bought to the centre of the city. Kings Cross was a central rail hub. Prior to that canal boats bought goods but this would take much longer weeks.

The Great Northern Foods Station started being built spring of 1849. Goods Yard and Coal Drops Yard are part of that complex. Lewis Cubitt designed most of the structures around the station including coal Drops Yard thought to have been completed 1851-1852

Eastern Coal Drops at Kings Cross Goods Yard, York Way N1

Victorian architecture still can be seen at the newly opened mall alcoves and shops under brick arches.

Coal Drops Yard was the storeroom for Londons Coal as it would arrive by rail and be dropped off at this destination in Kings Cross.

The Coal Literally dropped from the bottom of a hatch in the train wagons, down into the purpose-built receiving buildings many of the original features still exist and have been transformed into a modern shopping mall and area to walk around.
It was sorted and graded and sacked up.

By the 1870s methods of transporting coal changed. In 1879 The Eastern Coal Drops was bought by the Glass manufacturer Bagley, Wild and Company. film sets, rave parties

Billy Reilly’s bar Fabric under the arches of the Coal Offices, The Cross nightclub a stone’s throw away, and the most infamous of all – Bagley’s, spread over three floors at the southern end of the Eastern Coal Drops.

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