Exploring Chihuly’s Persian Blown Glass Style

Persian 1986

It is refreshing to read that Chihuly is very open about how the names of Persians was not just due to one reason alone.  The chosen name for the series was due to a combination of things, the exotic sound, its associations to a mystical time and place and its connections to where East met West. One of the biggest empires in history, a polestar for science, medicine, the arts, religion, inventions mathematical equations.

Just imagine the historical culture journey of Imperial Persian Empire. It’s the ancient status of refined luxuries. Intricate patterns, geometry, calligraphy, complex lush carpets, glass, ivory, gold, silver precious metals, dates, pistachios and saffron. The Interchange of trade with a vintage oriental China spices fine porcelain silk. The colours the shapes. Mystical enchanted gardens. To capture this in glass Chihuly thought about how European explorers must have been mesmerised back in the day when they discovered Persia Marco Polo era. The Geometric black and white spiral curving patterns, the dark side and the light. Fine long-stemmed glass pieces with flutes, ridges striations optical challenges. Bottles of pipes and horns goblets that look like they belong to a magical pharmacy.

White Glass by Chihuly Kew Lily hse. Ethhereal White Persian Pond
White Glass by Chihuly Kew Lily house. Ethhereal White Persian Pond

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