Chihuly’s Macchia: Masterpieces of Blown Glass

Italian connection and artistic influences of Macchia

Something floral about a group of them, it is not surprising to learn that Chihuly’s mother had abundant flower gardens, and they cherished sunsets. Italian culture is borrowed from the inspiration of Fulvio Bianconi.–Handkerchief vases “Fazzoletto “ towards the end of the 1940s. He was an apprentice at the grand Murano Glass factory in his teens, Paolo Venini a Murano master then spotted and called upon Bianconi to design for him. Macchia is the translation of Chihuly’s word “Spotted”. Spots in the patterns but perhaps there are many ways to conjure with the dual meanings of the word. Other observed influences, the vision Chihuly had to try to include many colours into the piece as possible, in layering techniques and embellishments.  The ideals and symbolism of the many colours found in stained glass windows that give off a spiritual luminosity

chihuly macchia
Chihuly Macchia

Macchia 1981

Macchia Baskets with floppy rims and contrasting colour rims called lips. Also spots and lines and different colours on the inside to the outside. Fluted edge large cup cases inside colours contrasting to external colours and a vivid colour edge “Lip Wraps” The patterns on the outside can be marbled, spotted complex.

A selection of the Macchia at Kew (2018 exhibition)

  • Lemon Yellow Macchia with Royal yellow Lip Wrap Blown Glass 1995
  • Mimosa yellow Black Macchia with Garnet lip Wrap 2007
  • Cadmium Green Deep Macchia with Yellow Orange Lip Wrap 1992

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