Chihuly’s Blown Glass Art: The Soft Cylinder Series

Soft cylinders 1984

These combine the relaxed floppy form of baskets with the embellishment of sketched drawings that float around the outside, that was seen on earlier cylinders. Chihuly studied Weaving early on in his training and had incorporated glass into a bit of a phenomenon with textiles. The interest in Native American textiles would come easy as he had also studied interior design, all these interests lend well to forming a different species of glass.

1989 – 2002

  • Eggplant Soft cylinder with Lush Green Lip Wrap
  • Blown glass 2002
  • Scarlet Soft cylinder with deep green lip wrap 1990
  • Topaz Deep soft cylinder with Mauve lip wrap 1989
  • Orange soft cylinder with Petal Pink lip wrap 1989
  • Autumn Gold Soft cylinder with lake blue lip wrap 1994
soft cylinder chihuly eggplant lime green
soft cylinder Chihuly eggplant lime green

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