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On this day

19th July

1941 During World War 2 Winston Churchill reinforces  the  V for Victory Campaign. BBC Radio broadcasts used the start of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony which  is based on 3 short sounding notes and a long note. This follows the morse code pattern for V. dot, dot, dot, dash. Beethoven composed the 5th Symphony in 1808 the …

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15th July

In the year 2000 Speed cam Landmark case, despite the fact that two men were caught on cam for dangerous driving, they were not prosecuted, because the letter they were sent would have resulted in the drivers having to incriminate themselves, which would have been in breach of their human rights under European Law. Under …

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11th July

1991 Labour MP Terry Fields was given a 60 day prison sentence for refusing to pay his Poll Tax bill of £373. His Parliamentary seat was still safe because his sentence was less than a year. Labour Leader Neil Kinnock was quoted for his saying as a result “Law makers must not be law breakers.” …

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