15th September 1964 ‘The Sun’ Newspaper launched

The Sun News[a[er Launched

The Sun newspaper, one of the most iconic and influential publications in British journalism, was launched on September 15, 1964. Owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News International, The Sun was initially a broadsheet newspaper, but in 1969 it switched to its current tabloid format.

The Sun’s launch marked a new era in British tabloid journalism, with its focus on sensational headlines, scandalous stories, and provocative content. It quickly gained a reputation for breaking news and publishing exclusive stories, and its popularity skyrocketed in the 1970s and 1980s with a focus on sports and celebrity news.

Over the years, The Sun has been at the center of many controversies, from accusations of phone hacking to accusations of unethical journalism. However, it remains one of the most widely read newspapers in the UK, with a circulation of over 1 million copies per day.

The Sun has also played an important role in shaping British politics, with its editorial endorsements often seen as influential in deciding election outcomes. The paper has endorsed both Labour and Conservative parties over the years, with its support often seen as a key factor in their success.

Despite its controversies and criticisms, The Sun remains an important part of British media and popular culture. Its influence on journalism and politics cannot be overstated, and its place in British history is secure as one of the most iconic newspapers of the 20th century.

It used to be based at 30 Bouverie Street EC4Y 8AX.

The location of where the Sun Newspapers used to be
The location of where the Sun Newspapers used to be

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