26th July

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1956  Suez Crisis Begins . The Suez Canal, had up until this point been controlled by the Suez Canal Company controlled by British and French .Prior to this the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936 allowed British Troops to be stationed in the country till 1956. So in 1956  the Egyptian Presiden Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalised the Suez Canal. In the hope that toll charges would generate funds for other dam constructions on the Nile. Initially the British families of troops were attacked,riots, demonstrations sabotage.  The Suez Canal Water connected the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. It took 10 years to build It was used my European trade exchanging good with South East Asia, China and India. In the 1950s around 2/3 of Europe’s oil came through this Canal. Israel invaded and were later joined by ally British and the French. The Suez Crisis was a Cold War and challenged the leaders of the United Nations at the time. This was no small area at a speed of around 15 km/h  it would take 11-16 hrs to sale the Suez canal. Despite British, French and Israeli troops securing various strategic ports. They were forced to withdraw. This was because of USA being involved. The Threat of the Soviet Union

siding with Egypt and pressure from United Nations countries led to the UN taking over. Egypt was given ownership and Sovereignty of the Suez Canal and reopened in 1957  for shipping, and free for all countries to use. . To see where this is on a map and what it now looks like see this film clip.


For a  Geographic documentary see below.


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Maths Quiz: Test your basic Maths

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Mathematic Quiz - Prime and Composite Numbers

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is 601 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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is 850 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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is 987 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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is 61 a Prime number or a Composite number?

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is 29 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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is 16 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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is 908 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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is 441 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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is 529 PRIME number or a COMPOSITE number?

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