25th June

1967 Saw the first satellite link up live round the world a telecast/ television project called “Our World”. The program lasted 2.5 hrs and was put together by 14 countries broadcasting this to 24 countries.

The satellites used “Intelsat 1 known as “Early Bird” , Intelsat 2-2 “Lani Bird” and NASA’s ATS-1 and Intelsat 2-3 “Canary Bird”.

Political leaders could not take part . All presentations had to be live not recorded. 10 thousand technicians, interpreters, technicians worked on this project it took around 10 months to set up.
The Beatles performed “All you need is love” some footage is shown in black and white but also some colour

Austria, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Tunisia, West Germany, Japan, USA, FRance, Italy, Spain, Uk, Mexico City . Unfortunately some countries pulled out in the run up before this program launched they were, Soviet Union , Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia
It was the first time people could see people live in another part of the world with a major time zone difference in another hemisphere. Japan, Australia had to change from broadcasting, transmiting to then receiving and vice versa. Not only was the time different but the Seasons were opposite too.



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