7th September 1940 the Blitz started Black Saturday

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1940 7th September The Blitz started Black Saturday


Towards the end of Summer, The German Luftwaffe was instructed to start focusing on industrial and military targets near London and other parts of the UK.  The first on Saturday 7th Sept around London Docks area.


It became known as Black Saturday, not to be confused with Holy / Black Saturday which is the Saturday before Easter, where Jesus lay in his death Tomb. Both days in history s were solemn dark days of mourning. 

The Germans, were not able to invade England so far, because it was a well-defended Island.  The RAF had not been defeated and the Navy too strong to allow ships to gain access.

City Targets

London the capital being the obvious initial focus but then major Cities awaited fate and were hit from November onwards. Birmingham, Coventry, Port cities Plymouth, Manchester, Liverpool, Southampton, Portsmouth. Thousands of bombs and incendiary bombs caused fires, destruction, deaths and injuries. Targets such as North Woolwich, Beckton, Silvertown, Surrey Docks were some of the first hit. Reports of the skies being filled with enemy planes.

London Surrey Docks Plaque 7th September 1940

The blue round plaque and the black round plaque, in the photos, are on the original Sight of the Former  Surrey  Commercial  Docks, the building is now a Business college, LCIBS.

Sight of the Former  Surrey  Commercial  Docks
The sight of the former  Surrey  Commercial  Docks
Site of the first Blitz bombdrop Surrey Docks London 7th Sept 1940
Site of the first Blitz bomb drop Surrey Docks London 7th Sept 1940
Sight of the Former  Dock Managers Office, Surrey  Commercial  Docks
The sight of the Former  Dock Managers Office, Surrey  Commercial  Docks


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