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1st September

1939 Evacuation of children and pregnant women Blackout Regulations also started on this day

1939 Evacuation of children and pregnant women

1939 World War 2 was just about to start for England, so evacuation plans were already being started for children and pregnant women. This meant children some women had to leave  Bomb target areas, towns, and cities, to what was considered safer parts of the country that were not going to be Bomb targets. Statistics show at least 3 million people were evacuated eventually. Some children even left the UK for Canada, Australia USA. Safer parts of the UK were East Anglia, Scotland, Cornwall, Devon, and Wales.


Blackout Regulations also started on this day

It was seen as an Air Raid Precaution (ARP). Air Raid wardens would patrol and enforce the blackout regulations.

There were fines for not observing the Air raid regulations.

Lights were turned down, off or dimmed so as not to light up and show enemy aircraft above that people were sitting targets. The less lights, the less easy to navigate and the less accuracy in where to drop bombs.

Windows & doors in homes, shops, buildings had to be covered at night time and when it started to get dark. They either had to be fitted with blackout curtains, wooden or cardboard panels or painted black. The government issued black fabric to people for this purpose.

Headlamps on cars, buses etc were fitted with hoods and or covers that restricted light

Traffic lights were fitted with shield deflectors and pointing down

Street lamps were turned off.

Speed restrictions of 20mp were put in place.

Ships at coastal towns were also blackout out so that their location would not give the enemy clues.

Bases of trees were painted with white bands of paint so that they could be seen and not walked into.

Edges of curbs and other surfaces like bumpers on cards were painted white or given chevron effect.




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