21 Fascinating Churchill Facts that you thought you knew

 Winston Churchill Facts

  1. Full Name: Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
  2. Parents, Lord Randolph Churchill, and Lady Randolph Churchill (Jennie Spencer-Churchill)
  3. Born: 30th November 1874, Blenheim Palace
  4. Place of birth: Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire and is the residence of the Duke of Marlborough, built between 1705 – 1722
  5. Education, Prep school, Harrow in 1888 at 12, Royal Military College at Sandhurst
  6. Who could have been PM before Churchill: Halifax, declined the position of Prime Minister as he reasoned Churchill a more suitable war leader
  7. Churchill was voted out of office before the end of World War 2, making way for Clement Attlee to succeed
  8. Churchill became Prime Minister twice, 10th May 1940 26th July 1946, 26th October 1951 – 5th April 1955
  9. Churchill’s Foreign Secretary: Anthony Eden
  10. Churchill’s successor: Anthony Eden
  11. Died: 9 am 24th January 1965, at his London home, Kensington
  12. Buried: 30th January 1965, St Martin’s Church, Baldon
  13. Churchill Wife: Clementine Churchill
  14. Accomplished painter
  15. Author: Authored 43 books, winner of the Nobel prize for literacy
  16. Churchill famously said he made two important decisions at Blenheim Palace, being born and choosing to marry there
  17. Churchill’s first book: The story of the Malakand Field Force (1898)
  18. Churchill’s Speeches: Winston S. Churchill: The Complete Speeches, 1974 running at 9,000 pages in 8 volumes contains almost the entire collection of speeches.
  19. Winston Church was behind the tank, floating mulberry dock,  the term ‘Iron Curtain’ and much more
  20. Winston Churchill famous Quotes: (There are many)
  21. Full title: Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill KG, OM, CH, TD, DL, FRS, RA

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