Must-Know Facts about the Moon Landing

The First Human in Space

The Russians won the space race 12 April 1961 when their Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin piloted his space Capsule Vostok 1 one around Earth’s orbit.

How many humans have landed on the moon?

  • Starting with Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin 20th July 1969
  • The USA made 5 more moon landing missions up till 1972. 12 people in total have walked on the moon.
  • Alan Bean, Pete Conrad Apollo 12
  • Edgar Mitchel, Alan Shepard Apollo 14
  • James Irwin, David Scott Apollo 15
  • John Young, Charles Duke Apollo 16
  • Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt Apollo 17

The Space Race Time Line

From Apollo 11 Science Museum exibit
From Apollo 11 Science Museum exhibit


Germany under Nazi rule fires its first V2 rocket targeting England and France.


The Soviet Union builds it’s top secret Cosmo Drome  Baikonur


The Soviet Union launched the first satellite into space cold Sputnik 1


the USA  launched its first satellite into space Explorer 1.


in the USA NASA starts weightlessness training


April Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man into space aboard Vostok 1.

May 1961

USA launchers Alan Shepard into sub-orbit for 15 minutes onboard a spacecraft freedom 7.


USA President Kennedy declares the US will land a man on the Moon by the end of the decade.


Neil Armstrong is selected by NASA as one of the astronauts for the Gemini missions.

February 1962

USA astronaut John Glenn aboard Friendship 7 was the first American to orbit the Earth.


The Soviet Union put the first woman into space aboard Vostok 6. her name was cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova.


The Soviet Union performed the first spacewalk outside spacecraft Voskhod 2  cosmonaut Alexi Leonov

January 1967

USA three astronauts I killed during testing of Apollo 1

April 1967

Soviet Union cosmonaut killed during re-entry to Earth due to Parachute fail of Soyuz 1

November 1967

The first Saturn V rocket launched into space


Apollo 8 to the USA first spacecraft to travel around the moon and back.


USA Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong first man to set foot on the moon.


Apollo 17 to the USA is NASA’s last mission to the moon.

Rockets also flew to the moon

Dec 1968- 1972 Apollo missions, 8,10, 13 also sent another 12 humans to fly to moons orbit and to engage in lunar landings, which did not involve humans walking on the moon.

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