16th October 1987 the Hurricane that Battered but was not predicted


“Apparently, a woman rang the BBC today, apparently said she heard there is a Hurricane on the way, if your watching, Don’t worry there isn’t”

1987 Hurricane Batters Britain

The United Kingdom was battered by the 1987 Hurricane, it was the most destructive storms to hit the country since 1703.

Sevenoaks lost hits historic trees

Many thousands of trees fell across the country, it was estimated that 15 million trees were knocked over.

Cars were crushed, train lines were blocked, roads became impassable. The transport networks were severely disrupted.

The storm impacted shipping, the cross-channel ferry ran aground near Folkestone on the Kent coast.

The repair bill topped £1 billion pounds

A Hurricane is technically a storm with winds over 74 mph which forms in the tropics. The 1987 Hurricane reaches speeds over 100mph but was not formed in the tropics.

The Most famous Weather quote in the world





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