When King Edward VIII Abdicated the Throne

King Edward the VIII Abdication

On the 11th December 1936, King Edward VIII shocked the establishment and the world by Abdicating as sovereign of the United Kingdom to Marry Wallace Simpson

Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, born June 23, 1894

King Edward the VIII became King of the United Kingdom on the 20th January 1936 when his father King George V died. King Edward the VIII already had a reputation to be very different from his father who was seen as a very stable traditionalist monarch. Edward the VIII, on the other hand, liked modern music, he dressed and presented himself in more American influenced fashions. He was the first monarch who was a pilot and like to engage in new technologies.

Edward developed a connection with the people that perhaps was not so readily available to his more traditional predecessors. During the great war of 1914-1918 Edward who was then the Prince of Wales visited the trenches of the Western Front. These morale-raising trips were to earn Edward the Military Cross for Gallantry in 1916. The medal is given to members of the armed services for bravery ‘in battle on Land’. Edward in a letter indicated the feeling that it was not justly deserved, the medal was also not usually worn in public.

Capt Bryan Godfrey-Faussett, aide de camp to his father, George V, Edward wrote: “My best thanks to you and Mrs F for your kind congratulations; no, I can’t say I feel I have earned the MC at all, but that’s nothing to do with me!”

After the Great war, Edward continued his positive connections with the people, visiting veterans in hospitals and other royal duties that brought him in contact with the population. It was clear to all that met Edward, that he possessed the rare quality of being a natural communicator with people, whether that was to a small group or a large crowd.

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

The well-known story of King Edwards VIII abdication was due to Edwards desire to marry Wallace Simpson, who was an American divorcee. Such was the secrecy of the relationship, upon being crowned film footage of a then-unknown Wallace Simpson in the background of the film was never released to the population.

Was King Edward the VIII the only sovereign in British history to abdicate voluntarily? It is not difficult to find evidence that there were forces at play pitching for Edward to be removed as King, he was seen as the unsuitable King. The Wallace Simpson romance was possibly the excuse to focus on getting Edward to Abdicate.

What title did King Edward VIII have after he abdicated from the throne? The Duke of Windsor

Once abdicated Edward the VIII was given the title of the Duke of Windsor.

Edward VIII Family

  • Father: George V
  • Mother: Mary of Teck
  • Brother: George VI

Where is the Duke of Windsor Buried?

5 June 1972, Royal Burial Ground, Frogmore, Windsor, Berkshire

where is Wallis Simpson buried?

29 April 1986, Royal Burial Ground, Frogmore, Windsor, Berkshire, England

Edward VIII abdication speech?

The abdication speech Edward the VIII

where did Edward VIII make his abdication speech?

A room in Windsor Castle on the evening of the 11th December 1936

Where did Edward the VIII go after abdicating?

After King Edward Abdicated, he traveled by Train to France to be with Wallace Simpson who he married 6 months later.

What does Abdication mean?

The word Abdication or to Abdicate is to give up power, a familiar term with renouncing the throne.

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