Thatchers Britain: The US Special Relationship

The Iron Lady was not one to shy away from the responsibilities as they saw it to maintain world order or to not shy away from openly supporting Britains biggest Alley the United States of America.

Thatcher allowed US warplanes to fly from British bases to attack targets the US saw it had to do in retaliation strikes on Middle Eastern targets. Such operations have happened many times and perhaps not such a big thing as it was then, but one must consider the French allowed none US warplanes to fly across French territory. Both France and Britain and America were Allies and members of NATO, both adopting that role slightly differently

Thatcher also Allowed the US to station over 160 cruise missiles at Greenham Common RAF base 1983. This triggered a decade long demonstrations and protests outside Greenham Common by CND and its supporters.

NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Thatcher also supported NATO’s decision to deploy US nuclear cruise and Pershing II missiles in Western Europe as to counter the threat seen by western allies from the USSR.

Thatcher’s government was behind the purchasing from the United States of its Trident nuclear missile submarine system, a system that is still in operation today, 365 days a year 24 hrs a day there is a British Nuclear Trident Missile submarine somewhere in the world.

Like all politicians, some more than others, Thatcher was possibly more regarded in the United States than at home. Thatcher was praised for having a good relationship with Ronald Reagan President of America. They say Thatcher as a staunch alley against common enemies, which at the time was the fight against Communism.

Strains in the Anglo-US Relationship during the Thatcher Years

Circumstances strained the special relationship more than one occasion. In 1983 Reagan did not consult with Thatcher about the Grenada Invasion and in 1982 Reagan was not in favour of the British mobilising for war in the South Atlantic and lobbies both sides to seek a peaceful settlement.

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