Thatchers Britain: Privatisation the big sell-off

Table of Contents

The Sell off of the crown jewels of Nationalised Britain

  • Gas, oil, telecommunications, various industries, transportation, water industries.
  • British Petroleum 1979
  • British Aerospace, Cable & Wireless privatised in 1981
  • 22 of the British Transport Docks Board. BTDB 1981 and formed into the Associated British Ports
  • Jaguar 1984
  • British Telecom (BT) privatised in 1984, it had set up in 1981. Prior to that date, all the telecoms services in the UK were Post Office owned. OFTEL and other similar regulators launched to manage the new companies that were emerging. It was losing money prior to this.
  • British Shipbuilders 1985
  • “Tell Sid” campaign selling shares, that was advertising the British Gas company being floated. British Gas privatised in 1986.
  • https://youtu.be/nedVpG-GjkE
  • Rolls Royce, British Airways, BAA, privatised 1987
  • British Steel in 1988
  • Water, 10 of the state-owned regional companies privatised at the end of 1989
  • Electricity privatised from 1990.
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