Christmas film Classic ‘The Snowman’ inspired Art Trail – Walking with the Snowman

walking with the snowman art trail

‘Walking with the Snowman’ Art Trail


London’s ‘Christmas by the river’ is the backdrop for the 12 Snowmen art trail Celebrating the Christmas Classic ‘The Snowman’ by English author Raymond Briggs, from his 1978 children’s picture book and 1982 acclaimed animated film; known for having no words and the soundtrack ‘Walking in the air’.

Each snowman on the art trail follows the theme of one of the twelve days of Christmas, and designed by the chosen artist, read on to follow the trail and to find out more about the people behind it.

‘Christmas by the Riverside’ is a London festive market that lines the footpath between London Bridge and Tower Bridge in front of City Hall, featuring over 70 Christmas themed stalls.

The event is running until the 5th Jan 2020.

Wild in Art is the commercial mastermind behind this event and many of the public art trail events. They collaborate with a network of professional and amateur artists. Their team aims to bring a voice to artworks and spread the joy and to unite communities. They also make the event by LONDON BRIDGE CITY.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…..

1. A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Artist: Jodie Silverman from Manchester who is also an art therapist

Description: Golden metallic background a tree with a robin at the foot and a partridge in the tree with decorations and fruits. The back of the snowman features the partridge about to take flight on a branch alongside pears.

snowman partridge in a peartree
snowman partridge in a peartree
partridge in a pear tree back
partridge in a pear tree back snowman

2. Two Turtle Doves

Artist: Heather Megan Evans. Birmingham based Tattooist and Fine Art graduate.

Description: Midnight blue background with two turtle doves and on the back Santa and reindeers silhouette in the starry night sky. Turtles being a symbol of love and friendship.

3. Three French Hens

Artist: Lei-Mai Lemaow from Liverpool by lives in Manchester. Specialising in illustration, lettering Graffiti and streetwear.

Description: Colours of the French flag have been used polka dots white snowballs on an orange background. Number 3 and the chicks have a French beret on. On the back of the snowman bears the lettering the French word for “Yes” “Oui”.

Three French Hens

Three French Hens Snowman

3 french hens
3 french hens

4. Four Calling Birds

Artist: Jenny Leonard  Lives and works in London and gets involved with projects that unite people in the community. Creating murals. She runs workshops for businesses and schools. Public art projects, civic projects for Westminster council, and creating art for firms like Transport for London, British Airways.

Description: Playful cartoon-like London iconic scenery with a fun interpretation of birds using a callbox. On the back of the snowman two birds around the Tower of London. The Snowman’s hat is in the colours of the British Union Jack flag.


5. Five Gold Rings

Artist: Adam Pekr this multi-award-winning artist was born in Czech. Developing his style from graffiti he creates airbrush and mural pieces. Imagery inspired by imaginative fantasy and reality.

Description: Blue background with large snowflakes, and an ombre colour change to the background from snow white at the base to a dark midnight blue at the head.

The rings at the front glisten and look alive. The rest scarf contrasts. At the back of the snowman are a ships wheel and a life ring to keep afloat in the water.

The five rings depicted on the snowman are as follows

  1. A Christmas wreath around the neck with red berries and luscious green ferns
  2. A diamond ring at the front over the torso
  3. Entwined with the diamond ring is a ring made out of industrial chain symbolising economic growth
  4. On the back of the snowman a wooden spinning wheel symbolic of the silk trade although some see it as a ship’s wheel
  5. A life rings on the back symbolic of the riverside location

6. Six Geese a Laying

6 geese Laying Snowman
6 geese Laying Snowman
six geese Laying Snowman
six geese Laying Snowman

Artist: Matilda Elizabeth from the Peak District. Inspired by illustrations in her favourite books and aspiring to one day become an illustrator to create such magic herself.

Description: The colour changes from snow wife at the foot of the snowman and the six eggs laying in nests. The colour changes as we go up the horizon and landscape of a snow-clad mountain scene. The whole pieces is depicted like a church stained glassed windows. A Central North star and the colour of the sky changing to a beautiful midnight blue. The geese are dotted around in stained glass styling.

7. Seven  Swans a Swimming

Artist: Laura Kate Chapman based in Liverpool. Runs workshops and a freelance illustration business hand drawn/ painted creations that can make their way onto gift items.


Description: A light turquoise wintery blue with white swans decorating the surface like elaborate wallpaper. The Snowman is so consumed by the elegant shapes of the swans that his nose has been given a swans orange beak colour. His hat is the icy turquoise colour that emulates the water.

8. Eight Maids a – Milking

Artist: Donna Newman is from Birmingham. Versatility as an artist as well as being in touch with inspiring young people in schools for many years. No stranger to Murals and art trails.


Description: The milking maids are doing seasonal things like ice skating and the design has been described as looking Scandinavian. But the snowman has been turned into a cow black and white background black nose red hat all blend in well together and initially go unnoticed. A vibrant joy on a chilly day.

9. Nine Ladies Dancing

Artist: Lizzie Rose Chapman based in Manchester this designer inspired by endless possibilities from nature.

nine ladies dancing
nine ladies dancing

Description: This snow scene at night features ladies dancing in the snow and the mountains behind with the night snow dotted sky. The Hat is metallic silver and a dark night blue face with snow dainty polka dots. There is a scroll of music notation on the front and back.

10. Ten Lords a Leaping

Artist: Hammo is from Manchester creates mural art for large spaces public spaces bars and offices.

ten Lords Leaping
ten Lords Leaping

Description: Wild in Art the organisation that creates these public art events have been woven into the artwork key players of the organisation appear as cameos in the artwork.  The lords a-leaping are wearing typical type peerage robes, the characters depict our diversity as a society.

Colours from the head down to the knees of the snowman a sky blue tone with polka dot snow falling. The lords leaping contrast with their red robes and character detailed faces. The base of the snowman stands in the colour of snow.

11. Eleven Pipers Piping

Artist: Jess Loveday based in Manchester no stranger to Wild in Art sculpture trail projects. A graphic designer.


Description: A teal blue background contrasts with the colours of the pipers who are festive animals, A fox, penguin, reindeer, Squirrel, Hare, Turkey, Polar bear, Hedgehog, Mouse, Camel, Robin

12. Twelve Drummers Drumming

Artist: Jessica Perrin Birmingham based, Enjoys building characters and specialises in traditional art and digital concepts.

Drummers Drumming Snowman
Drummers Drumming Snowman

Description: There is no doubt this snowman is gingerbread golden brown colour with intricate pale foliage artwork on top. The lyrics of the song and dance across the torso. On the back are 12 small mice in uniform drumming in a circle rather like a clock.



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