Seeing Red: The Chinese and the meaning of Red

You will find red everywhere during the Chinese New Year, and there is a superb reason that is the case. It is the symbolic colour of happiness, so much so they forbid it to be on display during funerals.

Colour is linked to the 5 elements

Red is Fire, the earth element of good luck, not only at New Year but other significant events of national celebration.

  • Red is Fire
  • Yellow is Earth
  • White is Metal
  • Black is water
  • Green/Blue is Wood

The red Chinese symbol means good luck, happiness, Salutations “Safe Journey in the new year, have a prosperous new year, abundance in the new year, may your wishes come true in the new year.

Happiness and prosperity, may your work go. Many paper cutouts, symbolic posters that contain symmetry symbols, words and rules for their placement. Left resembling health contentment family, Right representing good luck.

Peony flowers honour and wealth, kumquat tree, a pine tree eternal youth, magpies on plum trees forewarn of a lucky event that will soon happen.

Red is Fire, Happy New Year
red Chinese Lanterns London

Chinese New Year Red Banner

Chinese New Year Red Banner

Rat          鼠 (子) Water

Ox           牛 (丑) Earth

Tiger      虎 (寅) Wood

Rabbit   兔 (卯) Wood

Dragon  龍 (辰) Earth

Snake     蛇 (巳) Fire

Horse     馬 (午) Fire

Goat       羊 (未) Earth

Monkey 猴 (申) Metal

Rooster 雞 (酉) Metal

Dog         狗 (戌) Earth

Pig           豬 (亥) Water

peony Flower
peony Flower
pointed boot style shoes red chinese fabric
pointed boot style shoes red Chinese fabric
Jimmy Choo Courture Red Chinese style heeled shoes
Jimmy Choo Couture Red Chinese style heeled shoes

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