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Savoy rebuild the world in lego

Sing the Twelve Rebuilds of Christmas, Christmas Carol

Lego has launched one of its biggest campaigns yet “Rebuild the World”. Its plugging creativity, as a key skill in the 21st Century, encouraging problem-solving talents to come to the fore. In the quest to become lifelong tools.

Rebuild the World wants to touch base with seeing the world through the eyes of a child and open up the possibilities, opportunities imagination to unite people.

Lego themselves teamed up with The Savoy florist designer, Belinda Bowles and carpenter Sam Beer to create this wonderland.

The project at The Savoy Hotel aims to blend the theme of the Christmas carol ’12 Days of Christmas’ with topics particular to The Savoy Hotel.

On the first rebuild of Christmas Santa built for me

Finley is the name, of this decorated tree dragon by the fireplace at the Savoy with a body-shaped Christmas tree

  • Finley weighs 430kg
  • Finley took 600hours to build
  • It took 150,000 pieces of Lego to make Finley
Savoy Lego green dragon christmas tree
Savoy Lego green dragon Christmas tree

On the Second rebuild of Christmas oh, what did I see?

A princess Rocket Castle, exploring the galaxy in the rocket castle

  • Princess Rocket Castle weighs 175kg
  • Princess Rocket Castle took 300 hours to build
  • It took 100,000 pieces of Lego to make Princess Rocket Castle
The Savoy Lego Castle Rocket
The Savoy Lego Castle Rocket

On the third rebuild of Christmas dressed elegantly

Cedric the Tea Drinking Lion, having a nice cup of English Breakfast Tea at The Savoy, wearing a suit and bowler hat

  • Cedric the tea drinking Lion weighs 5.8kg
  • Cedric the tea-drinking Lion took 16 hours to build
  • It took 7,530 pieces of Lego to make Cedric the tea drinking Lion
The Savoy Lego Lion

On the fourth rebuild of Christmas ready to sightsee

A Shark Land – Exploring, observing guests in their natural habitat. With a water tank, googles and snorkel the shark is sightseeing in London.

  • A Shark Land – Exploring, weighs 12.7kg
  • A Shark Land – Exploring took 30 hours to build
  • It took 18,000 pieces of Lego to make A Shark Land – Exploring

On the fifth rebuild of Christmas a sleigh ride urgency!

Santa’s New Wheels. Elves supplied a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for Santa to use whilst his reindeer are out of action.

  • Santa’s New Wheels, weighs 550kg
  • Santa’s New Wheels took 865 hours to build
  • It took 69,569 pieces of Lego to make Santa’s New Wheels
The Savoy Lego Bike

The Savoy Lego motorbike

The Savoy lego motorbike front
The Savoy Lego Harley Davidson motorbike front

On the sixth rebuild of Christmas a fish mystery

-A Catfish A Purring, the fish tank has a taped closed cat flap for this “mischievous” catfish combo

  • Catfish weighs 1.1kg
  • The Catfish 12 hours to build
  • It took 1,844 pieces of Lego to make Catfish
Lego at the Savoy revenge of the fish

Lego at the Savoy revenge of the fish

On the seventh rebuild of Christmas revenge of the veggies

Carrots Rabbit Chasing, these delicate slim small carrot figures are chasing the white rabbit turning the tables on it usually is the other way around. Chasing round the great Oak Tree.

  • Carrot rabbit chasing weighs 3.2kg
  • Carrot rabbit chasing took 30 hours to build
  • It took 4,675 pieces of Lego to make Carrot Rabbit Chasing
lego carrots at The Savoy

Lego carrots at The Savoy

lego rabbit the Savoy
Lego rabbit the Savoy

On the eighth rebuild of Christmas, bananas fell from trees

Monkey Workers Peeling, the giant crane is being used to help peel the giant banana

  • Monkey Workers weighs 11.4kg
  • Monkey Workers took 47 hours to build
  • It took 8,893 pieces of Lego to make Monkey Workers
The Savoy lego banana

The Savoy Lego banana

The Savoy lego banana 2
The Savoy Lego banana 2

On the Ninth rebuild of Christmas a treehouse residency

-A little Trees A Living, this treehouse is built on top of a giant Oak with a host of family trees and Lego around the base.

  • A little trees a-living took 72 hours to build
  • It took 25,000 pieces of Lego to make a little trees a-living
Lego treehouse The Savoy
Lego treehouse The Savoy

On the tenth rebuild of Christmas a trunk delivery

-Elephant water Hosing, did you spot the elephant by the fireplace?

On the Eleventh rebuild of Christmas a graffiti run party

People Palace Painting; based on the story of a royal couple who decorated their home and invited all society to come to help them paint their castle. It became permanent and added to each time they had a party.

  • People Palace Painting weighs 9kg
  • People Palace Painting took 20 hours to build
  • It took 4,000 pieces of Lego to make People Palace Painting
Lego people palace painting The Savoy

Lego people palace painting The Savoy

On the twelfth rebuild of Christmas build with generosity

Build to Give, unleash your creativity for good and share using the #buildtogive

Lego Man The Savoy
Lego Man The Savoy

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