Royal Flying corps was founded on the 13th May 1912

Amazing facts of The Royal Flying Corps, founded 13 May 1912

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Hidden Facts of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC)

  1. The Royal Flying Corps was part of the British Army, Split into two, an Army Wing and a Naval Wing which was to be under the command of the Royal Navy. All that eventually changed when the two wings merged to create The Royal Airforce (RAF). The RAF also eventually split into Fighter Command, Bomber Command etc. but that is for a different post.
  2. WW1 proved to be a technical race faster and more reliable aircraft, The Germans had the Albatross, Fokker planes which proved far superior to anything the British had. The Tide turned once more when the Brits developed the Sopwith Camel, Bristol Fighter
  3. 900,000 hours where logged by the Royal Flying Corps in WW1
  4. When the Royal Flying Corps deployed to France in 1914, 4 squadrons of 12 aircraft where sent, 36 aircraft with 15 further planes, by 1918 the total aircraft inventory was 22,000 planes. 
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