Prismatica spinning prisms at night at winter Lights, Canary Wharf

Prismatica prisms Canary Wharf by Raw Design for Winter Lights show

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Prismatica prisms at Canary Wharf, Winter Lights display

Prismatica Prisms video early evening at Canary Wharf

Prismatica Prisms night time video

Prismatica is the creation of Canadian Architects Raw Design 

Prismatica Prisms is on show at Winter Lights Canary Wharf, until Jan 26th, 2019

The concept of these revolving prisms of light was created in 2014 for a light Festival in Montreal “Luminothérapie”, which will be in its 10th year in 2019. It was conceived as a festival to promote temporary pop up public art to enhance the winter space. Not only does, the 1km 2 area “Quartier Des Spectacles”, host the festival, but it thrives heavily with venues of multicultural diversity. The festival encourages public interaction, luminosity digital technology, and artists from different disciplines. Prismatica appeared on this playground, like 50 or so prisms of revolving light. Reflecting shards of light during the day and bedazzling changing spectrum of colours during the night.


Architects who have created a lot of innovative structures in Canada.

Roof gardens, textured shapes. State of the art Geothermal heating and cooling technology. The use of solar energy. Townhomes that inspire that vintage community feel with an up to date cut to its shape.

Raw Designs works

Project for the Mini car, Downtown Toronto

Yes, Car showrooms exclusively for the Mini car exhibited in a vibrant cascading rectangular shaped buildings prestigious and upbeat.

LTD Toronto

Mixing old and new features like red bricks and glass and metal.

Retail buildings

Tower Blocks of a luxury nature

Montgomery Square Toronto

Heritage site, multi-purpose public and residential.

Public Art installations Nuzzles Winnipeg Canada

In a place with snow, these foam long shaped noodles were bundled up like giant pompoms offering some kind of cozy shelter for kids and adults from winds and the cold. Multi coloured.

Oblong Lake Cottage, Haliburton Ontario

The Curved design somehow manages to provide the feeling of being on the rocky sloped landscape. floating views of the environment trees and lake and built with wooden features.

Onyx Mississauga Canada

Sophisticated residential skyscraper themed around healthy living in the urban backdrop.

Panorama Toronto

This stunning oval skyscraper with “ribbon” effect windows.

Raw participated in a project called Urban Priorities. A mixed team of researchers designing spaces and buildings. The theme economic and social development community spaces that are adaptive. The project adopted the idea of pop up mobile structures that could change or relocate or transform. 

Where is Canary Wharf

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