Make your next Coffee a Liberica Coffea, the sweetest Coffee taste

In the world of coffee, there are two main types of coffee beans, Arabica, and Robusta, these account for almost 98% of world coffee production. 3rd place goes to Liberica Coffea or Liberian Coffee with around 2%. There are 100s of subtypes but to keep this post neat and tidy we are going to look at the not so well-known Liberica Coffee and Robusta Coffee.

Liberica Coffea bean no. 3

Liberica is not that easy to get hold off, this side of the world, or even over in the US. The coffee bean is grown not from a low hung plant but more from a tree, that can grow to an impressive 18 meters. The leaves are large with a notable leathery look and feel. The nature of the plant is such that it can withstand harsh growing environments and temperatures. Harvesting the beans is somewhat of a challenge due to the height, grown in certain parts of Asia, northern Borneo Malaysia, and West Africa to name but a few locations.

So what of the taste of Liberica coffee, the taste is something to get used to, bitter, earthy taste to it. Closer to Robusta than to an arabica. One comment online paints a picture of Drinking Liberica Coffee not dissimilar to liquid tobacco, while another found it the best coffee they had tasted with the most intense sweetness.

Production of Liberica is also somewhat of acquired learning, with Liberica Coffee farms in Malaysia being represented by farms with more than half a century of experience in the processing and manufacturing of Liberica coffee beans. The Beans future lay more towards the high-quality specialty segment of the Coffee market.

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Robusta Coffee Bean no. 2

Robusta is number 2 in the world rankings of coffee productions, a coffee which contains two and a half percent more caffeine than other types of coffee, producing a strong taste. They harvest the coffee bean in western sub-Saharan Africa, Indonesia, with top producers based in Vietnam.

Robusta is the coffee you would best serve as an espresso. Strong taste, bitter because of the higher caffeine content.

They harvest the plant to be around 5 meters in height, requiring a lot of water but can take the heat of the day well.

Arabica Bean no. 1

The number one produced coffee in the world, lower caffeine making an altogether smoother taste, very aromatic. It’s so popular just had to mention it.

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