When Cricket became the greatest show in England

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Cricket was a box office smash in England during the summer of 2005 when England won the Ashes against Australia

The five matches and results of the Ashes

  1. First Test, Lord’s, 21st-24th July – Australia win by 239 runs
  2. Second Test, Edgbaston, 4th – 7th August, England win by 2 runs
  3. Third Test, Old Trafford, 11th – 15th August – a draw
  4. Fourth Test, Trent Bridge, 25th – 28th August: England win by 3 wickets
  5. Fifth Test, The Oval, 8th – 12th September – a draw

Surprising facts of the 2005 Ashes

Buried in the countries conscious, during the first test at Lords, the country was rocked by 4 explosions on the Hammersmith & City Line, at the Oval, Warren Street and on the bus 26 in Hackney Road. Luckily the bombs did not go off. Britain launches the biggest manhunt for the bomber(s).

Stockwell Tube Station was the scene of the fatal shooting of a member of the public by Police in the wake of the heightened operations on the streets of the capital.

London was chosen to host the 2012 Olympics

The tour continued despite the heightened tensions and security risks going on in the country. The ECB met with the Metropolitan police to discuss concerns. The Tour carried on.

The capacity crowd at Lord’s the largest in decades

The Ashes Victory tour


Which Cricket grounds in the United Kingdom did England play Australia to win the ASHES in 2005


Capacity 28,000


Capacity 24,803

Trent Bridge

Capacity 17,000

The Oval

Capacity 25,500

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