Experience the Vibrant Festivities of Chinese New Year in London

chinese new year

The Chinese New Year is the most important and longest Chinese celebrated festival in the calendar and London does not disappoint in putting on a show. The London Guide to Chinese New Year.

Where to Celebrates Chinese New Year in London

Soon to be The year of the Tiger 2022

Chinese new year calendar for the Next Ten Years

YEARDATEYear of the

China Town and Trafalgar Square are the place to go in London. Everything turns Red, the city authorities put a large stage up in Trafalgar Square, let the party begin.

Where is Londons China Town

Chinatown, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

 Cleaning and purity ritual

From around the last week of January till the start of a New year in February the rituals of doing a spring clean of the home to get rid of negative vibes from the last year and so making a clean slate to let the new year and its new luck and fortune. In Cantonese “Wash away the dirt”.  They think the cleaning ritual to symbolise clearing away all the bad luck of the last year, to make way for the new luck to come with the start of the fresh year.


Chinese red, after the family meal the young children, elderly and young adults will receive a red envelope containing money for good fortune. In China town, in the past, a bank manager dressed traditional emperor costume will hand out such envelopes with a small coin.

Chinese Lanterns

The end of the new year’s celebrations where the moon is full around the 15th day of the lunar month marks the end of the Chinese New year and the start of the lantern festival often the fireworks can be hosted around this time too even dragons that have been lit up from inside. This is all to honour family reunion, who gather to watch the full moon in illumination. Again this symbolises vitality.

Red chinese lanterns China Town London
Red Chinese lanterns China Town London
Gerrard Place China Town

Gerrard Place China Town

One enjoyable thing for children is the animal mascot is usually on stalls all around China town, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. Each year the format changes. From an inflatable boat one year to a satin ox, to a beaded rat and a foam dog. Many charts are online to enable people to look up their Chinese animal birth sign. Just look up the year. Interestingly, you can read up on the traits and characteristics and laugh at how often much of what is described fits characteristics of yourself or other people you know!

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