The Battle of the Apples: London’s Apple Corps vs Los Angelese Apple Inc

Apple Corps the Home of the Beatles

Back in 1967 Apple corps was founded by the members of the Beatles; Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Star. With its core division of Apple Records being the main area of activity.

As with many things Beatles, even the name of their holding and management business ‘Apple Corps’ had an amusing twist of humor to it, see if you can spot it, ‘Apple core’ vs ‘Apple Corps’.

Apple Inc the Home of Computing

9 years later a small group of American visionaries, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computers, which would go on to be renamed Apple Inc. Despite the similarities in name, both entities informally were referred to as ‘Apple’ and both entities unsurprisingly used an Apple in their logos.

Early settled disputes: just no Music Apple Inc

For Generation Z, looking at the Beatles back catalog, you might be forgiven for thinking Apple Inc, The iPhone maker owned the Beatles before they delved into computers. Well, that was not the case, but they certainly have cleared up the view of who now owns those trademarks and logos.

In those early days, Apple Corps was certainly the bigger entity, an early trademark dispute was settled with an agreement from Apple Inc not to enter the music industry. Then came along the Apple IIgs personal computer in 1987 which came equipped with a music synthesizer. Another round of disputes began Apple removing the synthesizer board from its computers.

Then iTunes came out, technically Apple Inc was entering the music industry with one notable exception, the Beatles back catalog was not available on iTunes. The move again saw the disputes reach for the Lawyers.

Trademark Agreement and peace at last

As the Apple Inc business progressed on building its global brand into one of the world’s largest tech companies, the final answer on those trademark disputes were to be concluded once and for all in 2007. In what seems to be the final decision on the matter Apple Inc would own all trademarks and logos over Corps. With Apple Corps entering a licensing agreement with Inc. Boh companies released harmonious peaceful statements on the agreements.

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