London Celebrates: 50 years of the Moon Landing – APOLLO 11 –

Apollo 11 Moon mission 50th anniversary

The moon landings have never ceased to capture the imagination and interest of people worldwide. The scientific achievements to put people on the moon in a rocket ship 25 years after World War 2 is something of a remarkable achievement.

We take a look at the 50 year anniversary celebrations in London of the moon landings

“That’s one small step for  man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong whilst on the Moon July 20th 1969

Museum of the Moon: The Natural History Museum

“Museum of the Moon” Artwork by Luke Jerram

Natural History Museum section with Moon model
Natural History Museum section with Moon model

The exhibit’s a dark space that has a constructed moon glowing where people can stop and look up and take a moment. The Moon is approximately 6 metres In size and takes on detail obtained from NASA imagery.

Moon model using images from Nasa for the details History Museum
Moon model using images from Nasa for the details History Museum

Legendary Clock Maker ‘Omega’ – Moon Watch

London Celebrates: 50 years of the Moon Landing - APOLLO 11 - 1
Omega 50 yrs moon
Omega 50 yrs moon

Space at the Science Museum

This has a replica full size of the Eagle space landing craft that Armstrong and Aldrin used to land on the moon.

bust of Yuri Garin Science Museum
bust of Yuri Garin Science Museum

Films, of the Moon Landing on a large special sized format screen

Apollo 11: First Steps Edition 2D (u) IMAX

A 48-minute film that shows the Apollo 11 Lift off and return of the epic historic real-life moments of the mission to the moon. Featuring 70mm footage that is quoted as “Never –before seen”. Newly discovered sound recordings from NASA. The Cinema screen is one of the biggest cinematic experiences in Europe.

British Black Arrow Rocket suspended from the ceiling

United States Scout rocket

Soyuz TMA-19M descent module that carried Modern Astronauts such as Tim Peake, Yuri Malenchenko, Tim Kopra from the International Space station in 2016. Is on display in the Museum

Immersive experience  “Space Descent VR with Tim Peake”

Virtual reality goggles like those seen in the film the Matrix. The VR technology is of the latest state of the art design and gives a 360-degree view of inside the Soyuz capsule and the experience of the astronaut’s journey back to earth some 400km from the International Space Station. Narrated by Tim Peake.

Apollo 11 was due to land on Earth on the 24th of July. The Splashdown was due to happen in the Pacific Ocean but a dangerous storm was occurring so mission Control ordered Apollo 11 to change its landing coordinates.  Eventually, it discarded its service module and turned itself around so its heat shield was facing forward.


As the capsule hit the water, the Astronauts were then hanging upside down. Armstrong could be heard at mission Control saying everyone ok inside awaiting swimmers, the sea was unpleasantly fierce so the Astronauts had endured the moon and back and now facing seasickness.

It took 29 minutes for the divers to reach Apollo 11 the unit with stabilized the Hatch was open and the men were given protective clothing to wear and lifted onto a helicopter and taken to aircraft carrier Hornet where they were locked inside a quarantine facility for 16 days as they were checked out.

The Soviet Union and the USA agreed to a joint commission where both Nations Word doc in space in July of 1975 it was a gesture to put her into the Space Race and enable future corporation.

Space on Film

  • Apollo 13
  • First Man 2018
  • Gagarin 2013
  • Hidden figures 2016
  • True story with Kevin Kostner. About 3 females who made an unlikely triumph in contributing to helping the USA win the space race
  • Interstellar
  • Shadow Moon 2007

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