The Rose of Lee Pub which is now called The Dirty South 162 Lee High Rd, London SE13 5PR. Where Kate Bush played her first Gig

30th August 2014 Kate Bush 1st live comback after 35 years

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2014 Singer, songwriter, performer, dancer & record producer; Kate Bush  1st live comeback in 35 yrs.

No matter how old you were or where you were in the world when you first heard a Kate Bush song there is something classically timeless about her voice and music. Her high vocal range and stunning ability to change key several times and the fact that she was not like the punk era sound of the time, created a new mysterious feminine sound of the mid-70s that in itself has created a signature timestamp to that era in musical history.

Kate Bush was the first woman to have 8 albums in the UK charts at the same time, also a pioneer for being a British female to get to number one with a self-written song.

Elton John has said in documentaries, Kate Bush is somewhat of an Enigma and that there had not been another Kate Bush since.

Her enigmatic performance skills, mixing dance, mime, theatre have been the source of inspiration for many other artists. Her music videos had creative themes and costumes.S he had taken lessons from mime artist dancer Lindsay Kemp.

Receiving awards for, Best British Female Artist years later 1987, Ivor Novello award, Nominated for Grammy Awards. Also countless awards along the way. Awarded the CBE title 2013.



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