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1888 Jack the Ripper first defined in the “Dear Boss ” letter

Jack the Ripper, published Dear Boss
Jack the Ripper, published Dear Boss

1888 Anonymous letter to the Central News Agency London “Dear Boss” Introducing the term Jack the Ripper

Where did the term Jack the Ripper come from?

On the 27th September 1888 An anon letter sent to the central news agency, which was a type of newspaper at the time, It was entitled “Dear Boss” and was the first mention of the name Jack the Ripper. The Whitechapel murders had already been happening and some around these days in September. It is speculated that author of these letters was not a witness or Jack the Ripper but was a journalist. Either way it is what gave these murders a name that has spread countries history books and

Jack the Ripper trail

A list of places associated with Jack the Ripper story have been listed below. See the link of a detailed site that celebrates this historical Murder Mystery London story.

-Durward street that was Buck’s Row Whitechapel school and cobblestones in the road.

-29 Hanbury Street Spitalfields now the entrance to the Truman Brewery

-Ten Bells pub in Fornier St and Commercial st is a PUB

It is also a Grade II listed building , known for  Jack the Ripper tours, memorabilia between 1976-88 it was called Jack the Ripper. One of the victims kelly lived here, Annie Chapman may have used the pub

-FRYING PAN 13 Brick Lane on the junction with Thrawl st

It is not a pub now it is a curry house It was another Truman Hanbury and Buxton Pub. Polly Nichols victim drank here the

-Princess Alice pub 42 commercial st Now called City Darts

Junction with Wentworth st Grade II listed building a Truman Hanbury and Buxton Pub. Frances Coles used it before her murder

-Hoop & Grapes

14 widget st corner of Sandy’s Row few minutes away from Millers court a key site that always seems to come up with Jack the Ripper walks, or tales. The  Story of the Ripper last being seen there, was because a tall stranger well dressed with a silk black hat approached a woman outside selling chestnuts called Mrs. Paumier. A dark stranger had approached her from Artillery Row, asking if she had heard about the murder in Dorset Street. She replied she had and the stranger was mean to have said “I know more about it than you”.

-Henriques street that was Dutfields yard off Berners Street location now the schoolyard.

-Mitre Square

-Dorset street Spitalfields / was Millers Court

-Castle Alley / Old Castle Street Aldgate

-many victims lived around Dean st or Flower Street. This is now Lolesworth ST

-Gunthorpe St George  Yard Building was a place a murder took place.

-Angel-alley Whitechapel gallery backs onto the above

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