Super Sharp 90’s

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Exhibition in the  Fashion Space Gallery at the London College of Fashion. 20 John Prince’s St, Marylebone, London W1G 0BJ

This exhibition is hosted in a School of Fashion. So It looks at the use of Italian designer branded clothing in a 90s music scene. Such brands as Moschino, Versace,  as an example. DJ and Producer Saul Milton (Chase & Status)  contributed heavily to this exhibition with Tory Turk the Curator. Lenders and people providing quotes : Dj Musician producer and Artist Goldie, Bethan Cole a journalist, James Hyman ( Hymag) , Tristan O Neill, Mark Aleksey, Will Kennard, SHY FX, Fabio & Grooverider, Navigator Skibadee, Bushkin, Noodles, Remarc, Jumpin Jack Frost, Mampi Swift, Nyke, PJ & Smiley, Natalie Neilson, Dezert Rat, Brian Belle-Fortune, Rhiannon –Isabel Barry, Marie Otton, Sarah Boothman, Brett Booth, Jon Wright, Dr Chris Christodoulous and Juliette Avery. Super Sharp 90's 1

Music history and its sub-genres are vast. The exhibition makes references to UK garage and Jungle.  Garage and Jungle took many evolutions in the UK during the 1990s. See article above that seems to make reference to the style of clothing this exhibition focuses on.

Music culture, fashion status, trends take hold of each generation differently. There would be variances based on the clubs people went to, its house style and dress code. Where people were geographical, how much they had to spend on buying the music and going out and the cost of the various fashion looks associated.

In one sense music fashion seemed to unite many different classes and cultures of people under the same cause. Perhaps this exhibition pauses one to think what came before this musical era what came after and how it makes you think back to your own musical youth. For some, they were part of this scene and can step back and relate. For others, it explains how and why these garments made their associations to this music during this time and what it means to the people of that movement.

Words of contributors were up on the walls giving their experiences of this scene. The garments were could be viewed clearly, this was a nice uncontrived difference to having to look at reflection based far away from cases that give an all too static clinical closed off feel to exhibitions. There were headphones with sounds of that time capsule too. Downstairs on the way in and out there is a booklet about short courses that the college offers. A good quick way to see something different if you are in that part of Oxford Street on a shopping mission.


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