The Best of London Adverts

The Best Art Canvas in London – Where did the Red London Bus Go?

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The Best Art Canvas in London, In the olden days, it was simple, London Buses were red, red with a few adverts. The red London bus is one of the defining icons of London, known the world over.

In the early 1900s the ‘London General Omnibus Company’ (LGOC), one of the largest bus operators in London made the business decision to paint the entire bus fleet Red in 1907. The ‘London General Omnibus Company’ LGOC became part of the ‘London Passenger Transport Board’ (LPTB) in 1933 and the red continued throughout the London bus fleet. The public brand name between 1933 and 2000 was ‘London Transport’.  The new millennium changed the public branding to a 3 letter acronym, ‘TFL’ or ‘Transport For London’

The Age of the ‘Total London Bus Advert’

‘All Change, All Change’

A phenomenon happened during the 2014 world cup year, no England did not win that year, but Adidas got a win over the 38 bus route when it secured total advertising over the entire area of the new generation Routemaster bus, also known as the ‘Boris Bus’. For the first time, they covered the red double-decker in an impressively deep colour black, with the slogan  ‘All in or Nothing’

The Best London Bus Adverts

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